Posted by: softypapa | September 18, 2007

Antique Japan Painting – Art Used for Kimono Patterns

r3s6b3-0003353_05.jpg r3s6b3-0003353_04.jpg r3s6b3-0003353_03.jpg r3s6b3-0003353_02.jpg 

This small painting on paper dates from the early to mid Japanese Showa period (1928-1989) and features images of proud roosters with impressive plumage. This original ink-on-paper piece may have been used as an original art template by kimono pattern-makers. This unique Japanese art piece is in poor condition with some holes, tears and creases. There are also some marks and stains as well as a darkened patina of age. A wonderful candidate for framing and display.

Size (approximate):
Height: 10.1 inches (26 centimeters)
Width: 14.0 inches (36 centimeters)

item code: R3S6B3-0003353
category code: (nihonga) (kimonogara)
ship code: L1650

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