Posted by: softypapa | September 18, 2007

Vintage Japanese Shikishi Art Sumi-e Landscape Nihonga

Vintage Japanese ink and wash painting. This form of painting is also sometimes called simply “wash” painting and in Japanese is called sumi-e or suibokuga painting. Using only brush-applied black ink on paper this type of painting was introduced into Japan in the 14th century by Zen Buddhist monks visiting from China. This type of art is especially well suited to Japanese tastes which tend toward subtle depictions of life and nature often accented with poetry written in beautiful calligraphy.

About the Listed Item
This Japanese sumi-e painting (nihonga) dates from the late Japanese Showa period (1926-1989) and features the image of a cluster of small homes nestled at the foot of large mountains and against the edge of a large lake. Fishing boats can be seen floating nearby. The painting was done on a rectangular sheet of stiff Japanese shikishi paper with gold trim at the edges. This nihonga painting is in good condition though it does have some marks and the body of the piece is warped. A wonderful candidate for framing and display.

Height: 10.5 inches (27.0 centimeters)
Width: 9.4 inches (24.0 centimeters)

item code: R3S1B1-0003338
category code: nihonga
ship code: shikishihako


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