Posted by: softypapa | March 18, 2008

Japan Folding Fan – Traditional Bamboo and Paper Sensu

Fan Folding Sensu Japan Japanese Nippon Nihon Tokaido Softypapa

Fan Folding Sensu Japan Japanese Nippon Nihon Tokaido Softypapa 


Old fashioned Japanese folding fan (sensu).  This lovely old fan is made of thin bamboo tines covered with Japanese paper.  The fan is in fair to good condition though the paper is a bit frayed at the edges with some wrinkles and wears a darkened patina of age.  This fan is less than 40 years old and does not include a display stand.

Length when folded: 8.5 inches (21.8 centimeters)
Width across when open: 14.9 inches (38.2 centimeters)
Weight: 0.8 ounces (22 grams)

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item code: R3S3-0004488
ship code: L1650


  1. very very very nice! wow!

    japanese art is so beautiful and elegant!

  2. These fans are gorgeous!!! I am getting really into Japanese art… My friend bought me the book, Mateki the Magic Flute by Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano and every since then I have been really into Japanese art- these fans would be really gorgeous on a wall somewhere!!

  3. hi. can i use that first picture for a school picture please? please reply soon… thanks:)

    • Hello hamza, Yes, you can certainly use the photo. Thanks for writing to check and good luck with your project! -Kurt (sofytpapa)

  4. Really pretty!! Japanese art is really classic! 🙂

  5. Very beautiful and elegant.

  6. This fan is very elegant and beautiful. I’m so curious as to what the writing means.

  7. This Japanese fan is really pretty and simple. Historically, Japanese hand fans were used by male Kabuki actors within their performances. According to, “the Japanese recognized that hand fans symbolized prestige, royalty, and other social standings. Soon after, hand fans gradually spread to Europe and other western countries.” Hand fans are still used today to keep cool from the warm air.

  8. This fan is a beautiful representation of Japanese culture. The fan is an iconic piece. It is both functional and beautiful. I always try to carry one in my purse. Additionally, I’m on the lookout for the fans to add to my collection.

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